domingo, febrero 26, 2006


Introducing...the newest collection by chicadecanela. Arriving this spring in stores all around the globe (almost).

Petit Village is all about a little french cottage. Imagine the rich but slightly faded tapestries, the metals gone rusty by weather and time, the smell of lavender in the air...Get the picture?
The luxuriously soft, thick, german felt is the star material around which revolts the entire collection. The felt has been embroidered, punched, pinked and treated in every imaginable way. It has been lined with the richest fabrics and it has been given a set of accessories to die for.
Three color options: wool white felt with sugar-coated pastels (image shown), deep olive green with jute in green, ochre and ruby shades and bright mango orange teamed with cute little matching flowers.

Of course, you can look at the individual items at, i just thought it be nice to give you some insight. And thanks to Anabel and everyone that has posted about my stuff on their blogs. I´m so flattered by your enthusiasm. Thank you!!

viernes, febrero 24, 2006

This is the feature that they made at about chicadecanela in Madrid Fahion Week. It seems WGSN (worth global style network) is an on-line trend and fashion research service for the industry, and you can only access with a login, so they where kind enough to send me a pdf. I got a lot of space!(click to see it larger) BTW, the gentlemanly jackets are not mine!

domingo, febrero 19, 2006


Hello? Is there anybody out there?...umm...I woudn´t be surprised if there wasn´t, so much i have neglected this little blog of mine. I have missed posting here and i have missed reading everybody else´s blogs, although i sneek peeked sometimes ;) I couldn´t refrain. But, on the whole, i kept away from the computer...
Well, i´m back, i have so much to tell you. I will begin with Madrid Fashion Week: I am uploading photos over at flickr, for you to see, but you can guess from this one here the kind of mood that we aimed to reflect: cozy, homey, sweet... the walls were wallpapered in a pattern of tiny yellow roses, and i brought with me a couple of vintage chairs, a cabinet... we even had a window with a view of apple trees!

5 things that happened to me at the Fair:

- I got photographed and interviewed for an important nationwide spanish newspaper (El Mundo) and for an english on-line fashion site. ( i must get booth features to show you!)
- I had a big fish from a huge fashion emporium at my booth going all crazy about my stuff and patronazingly telling me how cute i was with my romantic ideas about handmade stuff and not wanting to produce in sweat-shops. She stayed raving for almost half an hour!
- I met superbrujis
and she is a client! I had no idea it was her! And she is working on some extraordinary projects with porcelain beads herself. You should go check it out. She just opened a shop with a friend and i wish them all the luck, suerte!
- I made some really good contacts. I will be telling you all about it in time :)
- I met two lovely french girls who were o-la-laing and j´adoring about my things.

Well, now you can go here to see more of chicadecanela´s booth.

I´ll come back tomorrow to talk about a whole lot of other things. So nice to see you again! * * *