jueves, septiembre 29, 2005

I really like the tags Sarah, from The Small Object has made: you can see them here. And you can see my Tea Party Critter´s Club tag, that i sent her some months ago, together with one of my key-charms, here. I guess she liked it! Such a honor!

martes, septiembre 27, 2005


...lovely suff.

Lime. www.limelimelime.com Cool, neat, website, great stuff: I am in love with the Mischa Shoulder Bag and with the Mischa Wallet. So good i don´t own an iPod!

Milkypop www.milkypop.com Great layout, great pics, the loveliest buttons around, like the owl, or the cat, or this one made out of antique lace.

Mellow www.mellowonline.net Dreamiest, check the bags, the pouches and the pin-its*

Oooh! How i love to browse through lovely websites...

lunes, septiembre 26, 2005

Posted by Picasa This is my new bussiness card,back + front. It is printed on a smooth, thick paper and i liked it well enough when i received a bunch of them early this month, just in time for the Fashion Show. But, do you know what? I should have ordered them letterpress printed: it´s so much more special! If you don´t believe me please, visit Elisabeth Hubbell Studio website. Her work is incredibly elegant, crisp, tasteful...and she can make bussiness cards like this. I know someone who owns a very old letterpress...maybe someday i´ll give it a try?
Other great stationary sites: www.elumdesigns.com

Posted by Picasa A blond Cecile. Of course, being blonde, she is a lil´bit more dumb and light-headed than her sisters =)
But she is such a dear!

sábado, septiembre 24, 2005

Meet Cecile*

Posted by Picasa Meet Cecile, a cute little dolly bound to be your best friend forever. She is a little bit silly and light-hearted, but then...you won´t feel the need to be smart in front of her + as she can´t really speak she will keep all your secrets.
Cecile was made to be presented in society at the past Fashion Fair that i went to in Madrid. She caused quite a sensation there, everyone wanting to be photographed next to her and so. Her head is made out of thickest felt and her body is full of lavender: that´s why she smells like "prairies" and spring. Cecile comes with a chain to hang from your neck and take her wherever you go , whilst she goes shaking her bead-feet merrily!
To be continued...

jueves, septiembre 22, 2005


I have updated my "friends" sidebar. I´m always lazy for this things and i´m sure i am forgetting someone special, but then...this is not that important, or is it?

A crafty boy: Aaron Sciandra from Made in Brooklyn handbags. He is the creator of Ella the Elephant bag. Don´t you just adore cute boys crafting?

A crafty u.k. site: I am quite taken with Noodoll, be it the website or the on-line shop They are so cute and stylish. Good design*

A crafty patch(or two): Those by Crowded Teeth, like the octopy or the Teru-teru. Gorgeous!


jueves, septiembre 15, 2005

"Love Creature"

Posted by Picasa Remember the needle felting kit i bought from Crafty ass chick? I soon got tired of making felted flowers and went for something more adventuresome": I came with this little creature, then i made it hang from a chain in the company of a lil´key w/red bow + red painted bell and, voilá, you have a pendant! I´m making other creatures in different colors. Wow, needle felting has so many possibilities and it looks so soft and fluffy...thanks Kelly!

and look who´s wearing it... Posted by Picasa

More lovely things on the web...

Queenthings Jenny Vorwaller, who herself has a lovely inspiring blog, has created, together with other cool girls, the new gorgeous Tag Tale Sales site, home of everything that can be recycled or reinvented. Also, they have the prettiest banner ever!

I have also discovered (i´m late at everything, I know) Dear Birthday a collection of lovely clothing created by this girl: Valerie. I discovered it while browsing through CutxPaste´s clothing category: i found this incredible Spring green top I have to have it! But there´s only the Large size left! Please, Valerie, if you hear me: make me one! I´m also considering this,though: the Pirate blouse She is good!

Another girl at play: Amy Nieto´s Star Crafty + her shoppe www.starmagnolia.com which is not yet fully operational but which already looks so bright and fun!

And i am smitten by this other girl at Chibiland: she makes the most beautiful handbags and housewares, like hand crochetted mats or cushions that are absolutely lovely.

Girls+handmade+love= a fairer world* * *

martes, septiembre 13, 2005

On blog land

Probably you have all already seen Candlelight´s new shoppe: www.candlelight.hk It´s so sweet-looking! Completely matching momo´s creations and sweet momo herself. I really wish you good luck,momo! (>*<)

I absolutely adore The Small Object "Loop Troupe Gang", which you can see here. She had told me she loved my "La Ourse" silk key charm that i sent her for a trade, which came in this "chicadecanela" signature pouch and it clearly shows that she did. Her approach is so funny!

I like this blog: Creature Comforts.I have found so many great links through her site that i must thank her...plus she looks like a nice girl, really!

And, have you seen what´s going on at My favorite mirror Oh my! I want to have them all! Mirrors by Seamripper (Meadow Love!), BoyGirlParty(Owl! Octopus!), Jill Bliss(Blissen Flowers!), Momomoogie(Falling!), My Paper Crane(I am the forest!)...almost all my favorite girls are there! Now, how many hand-mirrors can a girl have without being considered weird?

One can do no less than to give credit to all this constant source of inspiration, doesn´t she?

sábado, septiembre 10, 2005


First, i encourage you to visit + buy something from Crafters United shop at Etsy.com This is something we all can do to help victims of Hurricane Katrina + show how crafty people can make a difference.

Second, Hi! I´m come back from Madrid Fashion Week It was quite a success! I made many new clients for my stuff + met some cool crafty girls, like the ones from Nitica and the chicks at Montse Canadas and Micocotte and the guys at Llamazares y de Delgado and María Cle who does not have a website yet but soon will and you´ll be smitten! They are all oh so talented and i´ll be glad to see them again: and i will(hopefully) in February.

Third, some pics of my cute lil´pink stand at the Fair:

That�s me in my little stand. Posted by Picasa

A close look at the treasure bench. Posted by Picasa

me & my boyfriend. Posted by Picasa