viernes, abril 27, 2007

*Update: chicadecanela in Prêt à Porter Paris´ Traffic de Mode blog: chek it out!

Gracias a Xhiara y Änais !

jueves, abril 26, 2007

The "Birdie" is becoming one of the most popular items here in chicadecanela. Be it as a charm, like the picture to the right. Or as a fabric brooch, or even as a handbag, like the "Le Birdie" handbag, which features a felt bird brooch.

Some say it looks more like a dove than a plain birdie but, whatever, she´s (because she is a she, no doubt!) a new sweet character to add to the chicadecanela zoo!


Birdie brooches in assorted vintage fabrics.


"Le Birdie" bag with detachable brooch.


a little blog love:

Please visit BOLSOBLOG.COM a charming blog devoted to bags, bags, bags! They are featuring some of chicadecanela´s designs: Le Biscuit y Les Creatures. And stay tuned because they might be featuring more from the collection. Cool!

And thanks to Absolut Fashion for the post.She gives us a 10! :)

And look at this pretty picture of Cécile Cappuccino. Oh la lá! ;-)

And a preview of a new Cècile. Soon, soon...

And... I don´t know of anymore... if you do, please keep me posted!

domingo, abril 22, 2007

Hiiii! We´re open! I thought April would come and go and the shoppe would remain closed.
But no way! It is all ready now, full of pretty things and looking so cute it hurts me... ^.^

I made this animated GIFs that i´m in love with:
Free chocolate with every order!
And it´s true! All this week i will be sending a bar of this special limited edition chicadecanela white milk chocolate together with orders. And when you order one of the handbags from the collection it´s even better, because you´ll be getting something like this:
A pack of chicadecanela sweets! But, as you know, i always have a special treat for my blog readers, so if you mention on the comments section of your order that you read my blog you will get the whole pack and not just the
chocolate whether you buy a handbag or not. How do you like it? Only this week, until next Sunday.

* * *
To my non-spanish speaking readers: you may notice that there are no longer descriptions in english in the shop. I thought that it was all too confusing in the end and some of you told me so.
Sooo... i´m going to set up a whole new store in english somewhere
else, just for you!
This will take place very soon! In the meanwhile, you can email me with your wish list and i will contact you back with info and a price quote for the desired items.Easy as that!

* * *

I hope that you all enjoy the shop, either to buy or to happily browse around.
Don´t hesitate to share your impresions on the subject on the comments below.
Thanks for reading, sweethearts! Y

lunes, abril 16, 2007

Ladies, thanks so much for your comments. They are very much cherished. ¡Gracias chicas!


Please let me introduce you the new Cècile "Marie".
Aren´t they cute having tea in their doll house?
One wears her hair pink, the other wears it blue... o la lá!

One is doing her toilette, making herself pretty and witty
with swarovski crystals and silk (blush!)

The other gets ready for a nice repast in the terrace.
Bon appétit!

domingo, abril 15, 2007

You can have a look now if you wish to the new collection by chicadecanela

collection #5 Marie

I guess it is plain obvious that i got a lot of inspiration for this collection from
Sofia Coppola´s Marie Antoinette,
or, to speak the truth, from the first trailer/teaser that was released
I consider this trailer to be a work of art, more so than the movie! :)

Anyways, i invite you to browse through the catalog and, if you have pop-ups enabled and turn on your speakers
you will hear some sweet music: this is taken from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack:
It´s called Avril, how appropriate!

I hope you like it!
Please don´t hesitate to leave your impressions on the comments below.

Let´s eat some cake!

lunes, abril 09, 2007

working in my studio

working in my studio... with the fabric and the stitches and the patterns and the whole shebang!
I hope to be able to upload the new chicadecanela collection soon, (maybe next week?).
And the shop re-opening will follow suit!

Don´t worry because everything that is to be seen you will see it here first!

Thanks for your patience, i promise the new collection would be worth the wait.
(And if not, well, at least it´s free >.<!)