lunes, febrero 21, 2011

Big in Japan!

Well, i never thought this moment would come; and only I know how much i have been wishing for it to happen since i started chicadecanela almost 6 years ago. We are selling in Japan!!!  O(≧∇≦)O

Maybe you think it´s not such a big deal but, as my dear Pauline says: "Japanese people, they have the best taste!." And i couldn´t agree more. Just look at the cute pictures! The way they shoot the necklaces, makes me want to re-think all my photo sessions! 
The company is called Eyeco -pronounced Aiko- and they also edit a beautiful zakka -yes!- magazine which you can browse here in pdf (link to chicadecanela´s page).
And links to chicadecanela product pages on the website: here and here

We love Japan and i´m happy Japan is aware of chicadecanela, after trying so hard. I hope we are in for a long term relationship! ( ^ . ^ )

Yours truly,


jueves, febrero 17, 2011

Por fin!

Finally, i´ve got the first copy of El Costurero, a new spanish craft magazine, from the same mastermind that gave us on-line mag We Love Crafts: Anabel de Fieltromanía :)

" El Costurero (The sewing box) is a small box packed tight with surprises, a common aim of all the designers we feature."

As much as I enjoy on-line mags, it´s a plesure to have a copy of a beutifully edited magazine in your hands, like a small box full of little treasures indeed!


lunes, febrero 07, 2011


 Oui! You have been asking this days and i´m telling you: yes! It´s possible to order the valentine rings
in timefor St. Valentine´s day (just in Spain!). Price is 15€+6€ for expedited shipping= 21€. 
And you have until Friday morning to place your order. Now go tell your boyfriend to email me at

Available: Oui or Heart