domingo, mayo 29, 2005

Thanks Little Odd Forest for adding us to your +i like+ sidebar: we like you too!

sábado, mayo 28, 2005

Hello Kitty!

cutie kitty Posted by Hello
In case you haven´t notice yet, i must confess i am a Hello Kitty fan. I favour the primary color early HK stuff over the prissy pastels of later days. This is what i recently bought on a shopping spree: tin money box with felt magnets - magnet board with wooden little magnets - two "Hello Kitty Tomato" vintage looking notebooks - lil´hk strap - hk industrial-like seal, just imagine wrapping with it! What cool packages you´ll get!

Benny boy

Surely this is the cutest couple of pals you´ll ever see! Camilla Engman´s Benny boy and my own Perlita girl. At first sight she´s like biting him...but all´s well that ends well.

Pleased to meet you! Posted by Hello

Perlita thinks Benny must be chewable... Posted by Hello

best pals! Posted by Hello

This is lovely! Thank you, Camilla!

The Small Object eye candy festival

TSO goodness Posted by Hello
I got all this cool stuff from Sarah Neuburger, the cute + lil´girl behind The Small Object friendly emporium.
This is what i got, from top left: "Fortune Teller Miracle Fish" - "Fingerprint Friends mini Notecard Set" - "Limited edition Miniature Print Holly Molly" - "The Small Object Pack of Postcards" - "The Smith Family Notecard Set" which is sold out and therefore much sought after! - cute lil´note with 1 "Share" sticker from the "I´m Rubber & You´re Glue Sticker Set" - "Apple Pan Dowdy Collage Print" also super sold out!

Everything came so neatly packaged + color coordinated! Sarah, u´r the cream!

The May Sampler

yay,sampler Posted by Hello
This has undoubtedly been the best Sampler ´till date : loads of stuff + i got the ReadyMade mag!
But, of course, one has her preferences...

favorites Posted by Hello
Besides ReadyMade this is what i liked most ( clockwise from top left) : WonderlandQ screenprinted and appliqued pouch - Glamscience neatly packaged glittery mini note - Sewing Stars cutesy dreamy cats letter set - Starving Artist Bazaar bobby pin, and the card is beautiful too! - The Small Object sticker set, favorite among favorites - Innerglo´ Spa Milk and Honey Foot Soak, i love to get beauty products!


boygirlparty Posted by Hello
This is some stuff from Susie Ghahremani that i got sometime ago. It´s pretty delicious!

miércoles, mayo 25, 2005

Hmmm...don´t know!

Ok! This is the famous pic that appears next to my profile in Fred Flare´s The Next Big Thing. Just me on any given day watering the plants, ya know? Posted by Hello

Mentions from fellow crafters: adventurous Kraf-o-la ,creator of the sweetest and tiniest felted creatures, has featured our "pretty kitty bag charm" in her fabulous Eye Candy Tuesday, where you can find the latest in fashions and passions around the globe. She didn´t mention our name, but we appear next to Keren Ritcher tee and My Paper Crane pb+j sweet sandwich no less!
Thank u.
Also, the lady miss Susie of boygirlparty fame, was graceful enough to have us mentioned on her blog: here Susie,We remain your humble servant!

martes, mayo 24, 2005

More on Fred Flare´s The Next Big Thing

Wow, i´ve been going through THE NEXT BIG THING section at Fred Flare and i think it´s bursting with talent ( and then there is some people like me...). Everyone is great, but i have a few favorites or that i think will be most likely to be a super-boom! Like Lady Luck Rules Ok! tee, which i think is genious: pink, affordable, tongue-in-cheek and, the best part, comes with no less than 4 cool buttons! This is certainly a clever design. Sure she rules! Also favorites are the yummy cross stich pins by UK´s Present and Correct: this are incredibly cheap + original, my favorite is the cherry one, i´ll be ordering it! As i will surely be ordering the felt pencil case by Bittersweet Genevieve: i already knew this style from her webpage and i think is one of the coolest things i´ve ever seen, such a good idea! And what about the plush pb+j sandwich by My Paper Crane? Is this not adorable? It is very much Heidi´s style and she has a legion of fans so i predict this is gonna sell like, well, pb+j sandwiches! The Small Object´s anchor photo album is another one of my favorites as is everything that Sarah has created so far: this is so much fun and good price; and so it is Little Otsu´s doodle directory address book: for so little money you get such a special, personal work of art! One of my favorite t-shirts is Troublemakers´ rainy dayz which features a cute original illustration by Keren Ritchter, whose style i´ve been admiring for some time now. I love that it has lil´puff sleeves: i´m seriously considering its purchase ;9 There´s also Flying Fish´s glitter matches set, Good on Paper´s little idea book set, Kalani Lee´s pocket pal pin..., and, Bee Graeter of Bee Unit: i´m also a Prince fan! Special mention for adorable Kelsey of Kel-C, who, at only 14 years old, when the rest of us where still wondering around, already rocks! What else?: Frecklewonder, Born Unicorn(your stuff is selling so well, ain´t it?), Susie Ghahremani, Raoul de la Cruz from Extra Credi Crafts( i like cute boys sewing!), Power Pop Brand, Big Tips, Red Canary(you got 3 items in, no less!), Fooey, Ladyfriend, Modern Planet, Anne Brandt.Uf! I hope i don´t forget anyone. You are all supertalented! I´m so proud to be featured next to you in this project. Mean it!

domingo, mayo 22, 2005


fredflare exclusive! Posted by Hello
I am the Next Big Thing, (together with another 24 fellow crafters), according to the guys at Fred Flare!
Yes! Now you can find some of my stuff up there: don´t you think this is one of the coolest on-line shops around? I can´t believe they accepted my things! But they did!
They are selling the little creature pictured above, which they call a "kitty" but, in confidence, is really a she-bear...hush! You can see it in situ here This was made exclusively for Fred Flare, and it´s different-and cheaper!-than the original version , though equally cute i think.
And don´t forget to have a look at The Next Big Thing gallery, here, which features a short story of each one of the "winners" coupled with nice pics of the artists themselves, including yours truly!
More on Fred Flare soon...

miércoles, mayo 18, 2005

Slowly fullfiling wish list

Benny boy Posted by Hello
(*)forget about this. Now this one is mine. He´s coming straight 2 me. Tell ya when he´s arrived. Thanks Camilla!

In other order of things, 2day i´m going 2 Madrid and won´t b back ´till Sunday night, so no more posts this week!(Like if anyone would care...). Reasons 4 my going 2 town:

  • Star Wars Premiere in Spain (i know u have already seen it, but i don´t want 2 hear...)
  • IKEA shopping ( i´m moving 2 a new house and we want to lay it out prettily and cheapily)
  • Buying new materials and stuff for my new collection. There are awesome vintage shops in Madrid selling buttons, fabrics, trimmings...i adore haberdasherys!
  • Paying a visit 2 my sista who lives there and in whose house i´ll be staying.
  • Shopping in general. I´m in such an spending mood!

So...see ya!

Sarah, your package is on its way, guess it´ll take a week or so. And don´t worry ´bout yours: someone will b here 2 fetch it if it arrives while i´m away. I´m also eagerly waiting 4 my sampler: should b here sometime soon!

lunes, mayo 16, 2005

Yay,Pocket money!

Yes, i´ve just got some money on my paypal account and here is what i´m gonna do with it: spend it all! Yes, but i´ll be spending it on indie businesses 2 support fellow crafters: the thrill without the guilt, as if 2 say!
So now i´ve got 2 decide in which particular indie shops i will spend my money. I´ve made up a lil´wish list, but, of course, i cannot buy it all so, sooner or later, i´ll have 2 edit it. But here it is:
  • I absolutely want this from Lovely Design: i think it´s one of the coolest things i´ve ever seen. It would look just perfect on my new office desk...
  • I´ll be buying organic beauty stuff like soaps, lipbalms,etc.from either The Pretty Things or Prairieland Herbs . I´m really into this kind of stuff.
  • Surely, before i die, i want 2 b the lucky owner of a Camilla Engman crocheted creature, but they are so hard 2 land + although i like them all i have not yet found one that could compare 2 this(*)
  • Something from cool shops like Forest Prints The Small Object ( Sarah has restocked her shop with cool items; check then out!) Natascha´s shop Crèation Natacha Matic...
  • I´m waiting 4 2 of my favorite shopping haunts Blissen and CutxPaste 2 add new items, which should be happenin´sometime soon.
  • This cannot be considered an indie store, but i´ll be buying mostly things made by independent designers, so: FRED FLARE. I´m just waiting 4 the next big thingers 2 b all featured!

And that´s all. I think it´s more than enough! If someone has an opinion or knows other cool on-line shops please let me know. Oh,how i LOVE shopping!

sábado, mayo 14, 2005

Month of softies(III review)

miau Posted by Hello
This is my favorite recycled monster softie, it has to be: i think it´s absolutely adorable and purrfect! It´s from a french girl(this french girls, they are so très chic) Cécile Bonbon I like that iy is made of lovely pink cloth, i love that huge mouth and the mouses in it: it looks almost like an illo, so well made it is!

Hey, but there where scarily pretty softies this month: Kraft-o-la Lily´s Rooster Allshorts Trish Millener Little Dear Cute as a button ...ouch! wish i had time to participate, this month´s theme is very appealing: May Flowers * * * Cute!

jueves, mayo 12, 2005

Projects, projects...oh, i have so many things to do! I´ve been selected to participate in the next edition of SIMM which is the most important official fashion fair in Spain and it takes place in Madrid. Each edition they choose a bunch of young designers to showcase their designs along with the "stablished" fashion brands . And they picked me! I don´t know why but they did! I´m smitten! So i am going to be there in my little stand with all my cute stuff and i would love it if some of you could come pay me a visit! It will take place september 2-5. Well, just three months to go and i don´t even have any ideas for my next collection: spring/summer 2006. I have to start right NOW.

And, this summer i´ll be working as fashion editor in the shooting of a short film for TURGALICIA, an official company whose objective is to promote Galicia, the wonderful, rainy, green and lush spanish region in which i was born...This means a lot of work for me, because i´ll have to look for clothes, see if they fit the actors, be there to style them...i was thinking about using Adolfo Domínguez , which is a well-known fashion brand truly "gallega" and it´s quite elegant, affordable and fahion at the same time. But, of course, there will be stuff from chicadecanela in the video, you can bet! And i was thinking of using other young galician designer´s clothing. My god! This will use so much of my time! But i´m very excited!

And then there´s my webpage which i´m afraid will take a couple of months at least to be ready since i´ll be too busy to work on it on aregular basis. So to those of you putting pressure on me ( and, yes, i mean you little odd forest ! ) you better calm down or it all will take on my nerves! ;)

miércoles, mayo 11, 2005

Some illustration work

This is some of the work that i eventually create for my town´s corporation. They call me when there´s somethin´ 4 children or involving children ´cause that´s very much my style. I enjoy it and it doesn´t take so much of my time, so it´s cool!

These are some nameplate stickers for children to mark their school books. They were intended to promote fruit-eating among the youngsters... Posted by Hello

...and this is the cover for a book of stories written by boys and girls as part of a literary contest that takes place every year in my city.What you´re seeing is altogether front,back and spine.I´m quite content with this. Posted by Hello

martes, mayo 10, 2005

Ilustration Friday: mischief

Lil´ mischievous vampire. Posted by Hello

viernes, mayo 06, 2005

More chicadecanela stuff.

This looks like strange mushroom-like shapes that have popped up during the night... Posted by Hello

Green silk fabric in different shades! Posted by Hello

Lovely corsage on nest. :) Posted by Hello

This can b done in so many color variations... Posted by Hello


We´ve been added to the "Craftlog linkfest" which i always have bookmarked because it´s the place to find the coolest and newest blogs around. We´re in the newer discoveries section, which means we are being tried out: hope we make the grade!

Also, is working, but don´t hurry to go there ´cos there´s nothing more thank a link to this blog and an e-mail...i´m planning a really ambicious site!

In Sevilla, cool city, it seems chicadecanela is going to be the latest fashion. My things are selling so well and, besides, there´s a very cool local magazine that is going to feature some of my things: as soon as i grab that i will post it here for all of you to enjoy!

In other order of things, please let me recomend you to visit Natasha S. Rosenberg´s new on-line shop which is full of her funny and colourful characters: i particularly like the bird-magnets!

Soon you can be able to see my things for sale at a store near you, but i am not disclosing it until it´s all settled!