sábado, marzo 22, 2008

Tropical fruit, sunny caribbean!

Yay! Wellcome to chicadecanela´s 7th collection: Tropical fruit, sunny caribbean!
What is this collection all about?
Well, its title says it all: warm and dreamy summers in the Caribbean,
yummy fruits, happy colors and natural materials:
vintage rope and yute, leather, bone and wood beads, aged metals, linen, lots of crochet pieces...
It has been so fun working on this collection, now i hope that you enjoy it!

{click on the images to see them bigger}

This is the pineapple pouch. It is hand crocheted in-house using egyptian cotton
and vintage rope. It features a clever adjustable leather handle so the bag can be carried over the shoulder,
across the chest or like a mini-backpack, with the 2 big bright yellow wooden beads dangling playfully.
It is lined in bright orange natural linen.
This pattern is not original, but adapted from a vintage 70´s book, i hope we have given it a more sophisticated twist!

Really, can you believe it? This handbag is made out of real south american sack cloth!
We can not guarantee if it comes from Colombia or Costa Rica but that it once held coffee beans, that´s for sure! Plus, it features vintage purse frame clasp, metallic chain long enough to wear across the chest and bright cotton lining; AND, the cherry charm comes with it, for free! Sure!

Who is this? Whoa, it´s Cécile, of course!
This is the new Cécile "Cherry Momma" or Cécile "Caribbean Beauty" as you like it.
This time Cécile has gone south and she is dark and lovely, with heavy eyelids and pouty lips!
So charming! I must confess this is one of my favorite "ceciles" so far.
Oh! And this one comes not only as a necklace but as a brooch and hangbag charm also :)

The new character from the chicadecanela menagerie is this cute monkey girl.
She is hand crocheted and comes in the company of a veritable jungle of findings, beads and bric-a-brac, including cherries and crochet pineapples! There´s the necklace and there´s the handbag charm. And we have some pineapple earrings too...

... and cherry earrings! And hair accessories! And a cherry charm!
And this is all that i can show you,
i hope that you like it!

Please, as usual, i would apreciate so much your input, thoughts and comments about the collection.
Do you think it is any good? Do you like the color scheme? Do you miss something?
How do you find the new black Cécile? Would you buy any of it? Why not? (or why yes!).

sábado, marzo 15, 2008


*working on orders from the new collection,
an afternoon in the "taller" with Perlita.

viernes, marzo 14, 2008

Hello there! It´s been a long time indeed! :)

We have been very busy here at chicadecanela´s headquarters trying to get our new summer collection in the shoppes in time and we are (almost) finished. So the new collection is just starting to pop in stores here and there. Cheers to that! And... it will be available at www.chicadecanela.com in a couple of weeks! Yes!

But i would like to show you everything here first to you, my most patient ladies, so this weekend i´m going to upload the whole catalog for you to see it. Here is a little teaser:

Would you like to see more? Come back later!