viernes, abril 29, 2005

Art by crafty girls

Really, if i had money to spare i wouldn´t content myself with buying cute little stuff from fellow crafters, i would go all the way and buy some of their Art too: some of it is, to me, just as gorgeous, special and arty as the stuff you can find in an art gallery. I would love to decorate my walls with it!
Here is some of the artwork i secretly covet from cool girls all around the world:

Darling painted blocks by My Paper Crane Posted by Hello

Fun artwork by The Small Object Posted by Hello

Tea series by Jill Bliss Posted by Hello

Cute boygirlparty tags Posted by Hello

Awesome scupture by Natacha Matic Posted by Hello

lunes, abril 25, 2005

Illustration Friday:Daring

Dare 2 b daring! Posted by Hello

viernes, abril 22, 2005

Retailers list

I added a list of retailers carrying my stuff at the side bar on the left. I must admit that i got the idea from Little Odd Forest, who has a similar one on her blog. Hope u don´t mind, but i just had 2 have it!
I hope i could be adding much more soon...

Natural Brooches

A close up ... Posted by Hello

Raffia+Sackcloth+Tulle brooches * * * Posted by Hello

martes, abril 19, 2005

Camilla Engman

cutest softie ever
Posted by HelloCamilla Engman has featured me in her links list! I mean, Camilla does know a thing or 2 ´bout style, right? But, even if she added me out of pure pity: thank u!
4 Things u should now about Camilla: 1.She has the stylishest blog, with fresh cute pictures everyday 2. She makes the cutest crocheted creatures which she sells at her shop; but u have 2 b quick, ´cos no sooner they´re out they get snatched by someone! 3. Her Month of Softies submissions are always superb(see picture above). 4. She has the most photogenic dog.

Show off!

A client asked me 4 a display 2 show off my stuff in her shop and i came up with this. I think it looks tolerably cute. Posted by HelloIt gave me the idea 2 offer similar displays 2 clients who buy a certain quantity of items; could b interesting...

domingo, abril 17, 2005

The Sampler

Yay, my Sampler it´s here: it didn´t took so long after all. I had such a good time opening it and examining every little item carefully.
My fave by far was Forestprints´ cute poisonous mushroom: the item is simple but well made and full of charm and the label is gorgeous: looks so professional. I encourage u so much 2 visit her website charming!
Also quite good were Funky Utopia´s Hemp soap (and it smells so delicious!) - Her vintage´s heart keyring(which i got in militar geen and shocking pink) - Silvia Chenault´s heart felt brooch - Vintage Faerie´s pendant and jennicake´s notebook.
I also loved receiving the promos, especially the Miss Hawklet pencil: quite cool!
And, samplers i wish i got but i didn´t: My Paper Crane´s flower garden( i wanted it so badly!), a Frau Liebe´s patch, Pink Thread´s buttons or knitting kits, The Small Object´s book, Little Dear´s felt animals ( i wanted the bunny,boo!), as well as various soaps and lipbalms which i can´t get enough of. And a lot more!

The whole experience has been great, starting with the envelope which was stamped with hearts, and everything was in good condition: thanks Marie! Looking forward to the May Sample...

miércoles, abril 13, 2005

Natacha Matic

And 2day i´ve received this cute vase from Natacha Matic: a gorgeous french girl that creates lovely porcelain stuff. Posted by Hello I already own some of her extraordinary brooches: i think u could still find some chez Blissen as well as in her site Creation-NatachaMatic and don´t forget 2 have a look at her art: she does awesome sculpture and peinture!

Girls that rock my world!

Girls 2 watch...

The Small Object I love her web, it´s very dinamic, cute, well-made, with a lot of interesting things: raffle, giveaway, goodies...i love the money certificates! I don´t know, it´s full of good ideas...and the blog i´m very hook 2 it too: she´s always offering stuff 4 free and showing in every detail that she has a kind heart, besides great talent...i wish u good luck on your enterprise, Sarah!

Boy Girl Party Well, Susie is already very well-known as i see, but i only find her out lately: i love the stuff she makes, it´s different from everyone elses and very professional looking without loosing that beloved crafty look. The website is well laid out, clear and easy and with a sense of humour...Good!

Also i encourage u 2 visit Natascha S. Rosenberg´s website, she is a german illustrator, but most of her work was published in Spain were i think she lives or used 2 live: she graduated in Law in Madrid: i´m also a Law graduated!---Anyway, her work is charming, naive and professional and her softie 4 MOS was great!see it

Thank´s 4 sharing.

Cute lil´ Strawberrys

I made some more stuff 2 sell: couple of strawberrys. I made them in pink felt, pink vichy fabric, red vichy fabric... Posted by Hello

cute,ain´t them? Posted by Hello

sábado, abril 09, 2005

Illustration Friday: Alone

Illustration Friday: Alone Posted by Hello
Illo for a chidren´s book of stories written by boys and girls of 12 years old; this story was about a beated-up wife who commits suicide...quite depressing!

lunes, abril 04, 2005

Month of Softies

I can´t believe it´s that time of the month...again...I couldn´t participate in Loobylu MOS project but that won´t restrain me 4 commenting on it:
There were fewer entries but cute ones as ever. My favorites were Camilla Engman´s (adorable !), Tsai-fi´s cute oriental girl and Jam Fancy´s (those huge black eyes!that dress completed with pencil pocket!that deer!). Also very interesting were the virtual girl by Allsorts, Natascha Rosenberg funny screenprinted one, Clare-Dirty Boots-Chadderton´s cute girl in a birdie dress and Sarah from The Small Object did great clothes for her doll. Also remarkable: Lyn Roberts´angry girl, Kraft-o-la´s, Pammymela´s blonde girl with huge eyes, Sewing Stars, Littlemunki, Bertha Crowley, Laura from Better Unsaid, Melissa from Sew Pretty, Buzville´s , Rhya, Jessica Borja, Fiona Dalton, Loosetooth,...
Congratulations 2 u all! It´s comforting 2 see there´s so many talented girls... U rock!

More shopping

I won this bag at eBay. I like Loop NYC. Now I´m looking forward to win the Courtney Bag, which is beyond cool! Posted by Hello


I recently bought this t-shirt at Poti-Poti. Not only the screenprinting is cool (although it creakes and fades in some places), but the shape is also special, with puff sleeves and double layered cotton. Can´t wait ´till warm weather! Posted by Hello

viernes, abril 01, 2005


It´s icecream time! Posted by Hello
This is a project I did at art school: it´s called PEACH and it´s about a line of fun clothing for girls that are a little bit on the gourgeously plumb side of life.
I know, the web site is terrible, it´s full of banners, slow and badly designed, and the english version is dissabled; but I think there is one thing worth seeing: Miss Peach Goes Shopping it will take ages to download but it´s worthwhile ( i think!), and don´t forget to turn on the speakers ´cos it comes with sweet music! :*