lunes, mayo 28, 2007

Just a quick note to let you know that i´m going on (a well-deserved!) holiday. Don´t panic! I´ll be back next week :)
However, just so you don´t get bored too much while i´m away, i´m going to share with you all this links that i´ve been treasuring:

Petra Baan
Crowded Teeth
Princess Tina
Valentine Leung
Start Here

And this must be my new favorite blog:

Pink Box

I think i leave you in good company... Bye, bye!

viernes, mayo 25, 2007

There are only two days left (until Sunday) to get your 30% off card + enter a raffle to win a Cecile Marie!
All the info at

sábado, mayo 19, 2007

Hi Ladies! Where do i start? I have updated le shoppe with some new awesome stuff that is not by chicadecanela. Although it´s chicadecanela cute!

You know that i like to feature designers whose work i personally love and feel that you might love too!

I´ve done it in the past with sweet Natacha Matic from France, { and there will be more Natacha coming, i promise! She is one of my favorite girls and artists}, and enigmatic Mellow from Singapore. And now i´d like to introduce...

. · . ·
. · . · ¡DRUM ROLL! . · . · . · . ·

Petit Pois !

Petit Pois is Céline O´Donnell and Céline is a cute french girl - and can french girls be any other way?- who works full time as a graphic designer but still finds time to collaborate with a friend to make this whimsical, adorable, really tiny pieces ( they are an average of 2.5cm each).
When i first laid eyes on this lovely rings, earrings and brooches i was like, o my god! They are
so cute! They looked like fairy-tale stuff to me and i was not wrong, since this pieces are very much inspired by forests, animals, retro stuff, vintage music and all things magical!
In short, i asked Céline to send over some of her things and know they are at La Boutique
for all of you to browse and enjoy.

**Petit Pois at**


. · . · . · . · ¡DRUM ROLL, AGAIN! . · . · . · . ·

Danielle Smits !
This pieces by artist Danielle Smits are breathtakingly beautiful. They are cute but strange at the same time, because they are based on a really eccentric idea that i love, that you can wear your favorite porcelain pieces around your neck instead of leaving them gathering dust on the mantelpiece. That´s why they are crafted in the shape of vintage figurines that resemble your grandma´s favorites, but with a twist.
I love all about them: vintage look, cute shapes, lovely colors, and the fact that there´s an idea behind doesn´t hurt, either!
As you might have guessed, Danielle is a ceramic artist -she´s from the Netherlands-, she makes all kinds of sculptures and pieces and this is her first wearable art collection!

And that´s about it... oh! no!, i forgot! There´s also this couple of cute Ceciles available:

Two new Cecile Original in dark blue and fucsia, aren´t they a lovely pair? Blue features pearly feet and Fucsia´s are swarovski. They can be found right here.
...and, really, i don´t want to bore you with too much shop talk, but there is really a nice offer this week, that with every purchase you get this 30% off card plus you automatically enter to win one Cecile Marie in a little raffle we´d be having on June 10th. Just so you know. Don´t tell me that i didn´t warned you!

martes, mayo 15, 2007

I was going to keep my silence a little bit longer, since we are working on a lot of projects at a time, including a shop update for this very week!

But look what came in the mail today:


and She

Aren´t they beautiful? They were an Etsy find and came all the way from the States. Which Etsy shop? Catie Pillar´s!

Strike a pose, cuties!
I must say i´m so excited about them, they are such a pair of beautiful vintage dolls. They certainly are in need of some TLC, but they are worth it!And yes! That´s what it says in the label sewn in the pink dress: Japan! 1964! Real vintage stuff babies, real japanese cute too! Very Jackie O elegance! I think this is one of my favorite purchases ever. I´m going to clean them up a liltle, fix them were they need some fixing and, voilá! They will look charming at the atelier alone or holding some chicadecanela stuff. You will see this pretties again, that´s for sure!

I entreat you to visit Catie Pillard´s Etsy shop, she has some nice vintage stuff there plus her service is super profesional and super friendly, the best combination!

By for now. See you really soon :)

miércoles, mayo 02, 2007

Anabel´s shop is open! A store for independent spanish designers to showcase their collections. It was about time we had an on-line shop like that here in Spain!

There are some items by chicadecanela in the shop too, including two exclusive designs for Jugando con Hilos:

This is one of my favorite Cécile of all time! With a vintage feel all over, she is filled with lavender and features antique brass chain and dangling pearl feet. Embroidered japanese fabric and green details. Lovely! They are very limited edition, so don´t hesitate to get yours or they´ll be gone! Available here.


My first ever attempt to a kit was so fun to make! This is a kit for the Zakka pouch from the chicadecanela School of Zakka collection. It includes linen fabric for the outer fabric, patterned cotton for the lining, antique brass zipper, lace, rivet and cute button. Just like the real thing! It comes with one sheet of instructions and another with a picture of the finished object. (Doesn´t include leather strap, though).

And the packaging is so cool! (i think :d)

This is available now only at JCH.

(or you could buy the already made pouch here)

(or you could download the free pattern at
We Love Crafts magazine).

Have a look at

Jugando con

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