martes, octubre 25, 2005

I´ve just been aproached to impart a short course about packaging...i don´t know anything about imparting lessons and although i´m such a sucker for nice packaging i don´t know how this could translate into talking about it in public. Does anyone know where in the www can one go to find beautiful packaging and ideas to show to my soon-to-be pupils? I will be so grateful for whatever hint anyone bestows upon me!

lunes, octubre 24, 2005


Blogs i´m enjoying: M.Patricio Moopy&Me Mollychicken Sugarloop SamLamb

Some discoveries: Craftygirls it´s a place for cool crafty chicks fron the netherlands to gather and show their wares; they have a section, Promomonsters, which is just like The Sampler.
Sini Puu i found it through The Sampler i guess; she sells cute stuff !
Hannah Lamb she is a girl from the uk who creates gorgeous stuff, but i´m specially smitten with this: the Cutlery pockets, it´s such a smart idea + i love de vintage feeling on something that is so utterly modern. Quality design!
aNTeNNa this is like the DesignSponge* for Zakka stuff!

New Must-Have: anything by french jewellery designer Servane Gaxotte, i coudn´t find a website for their site, but you can see a piece of her work here: MINT boutique Prey or L´ArtiChaut. Servane Gaxotte´s pieces are completely my kind of thing, but they are so expensive! Does someone know any other website in which her pieces can be viewed?

Hey, that´s all for now!

domingo, octubre 23, 2005


blissen goodness... Posted by Picasa
I ordered some stuff from one of my favorite girls: Jill Bliss ( i own one of the native flowers journals and it is one of my treasures) Everything is fantastic! I ordered one of the native herb posters, the new 2006 undersea wall calendar which is a collaboration with another fave gal: Saelee Oh, one of the pocket mirrors and the picnic party apron, which i wear everyday at the studio. Besides all this i got some goodies and nice words everywhere, showing that she cared and knew who she was selling to: this is exactly what shopping indie should be like. I felt like i was buying from a friend actually! (^_^)


I also got my free postcards for participating in the Draw a witch Halloween contest over at Penelope´s. This are lovely and a clear example of good,neat packaging. Thanks!

On this surprise loaded week i also received (at last!) my order from My Paper Crane, which i´m not posting pics off because this is for someone´s birthday(shh!). All i can say is that everything is lovely but could have done with a little bit more packaging, because things were just threw into a thin envelope with not a label or tag in sight. Maybe it´s just me ´cos i´m a sucker for pretty packaging!


chicadecanela workshop

images from new chicadecanela studio. Posted by Picasa From top: general view from the door - Work table - Close up.

My lack of posts lately is so lame, but i think i have a good excuse for that. As you can see i have been very busy setting up a new work place. This is a small studio located at a public Center for Young Enterpreneurs,
where they give you all the facilities at low prices: i coudn´t have done it otherwise. Everything was already there lights, plugs, central heating: i just had to fill the space of this brand new office with my stuff. I´m still into the process. I´ll show some more photos when it´s all ready. What i can say now is that i´m very happy and proud with my little workshop and also quite nervous, because, suddenly, everything has become so serious and grown-up (well, it was ´bout time i grew up!). Now i have a place for people to come and visit. So you are all wellcome!

miércoles, octubre 12, 2005

Draw a witch!

colombina witch by chicadecanela Posted by Picasa
I think we´ll all agree that Penelope Dullaghan of the silent G is gorgeous: she has this great, evolving website Penelope Illustration, she runs Illustation Friday, she keeps a cool Lopiepop webstore and, now, she brings us the opportunity of having fun drawing witches, while at the same time having the chance of winning one of her great covetable prints: enter Halloween Contest 2005

I heart Mellow

mellow Posted by Picasa
This is where i found all this gorgeousness: everything is beautiful, from the cute bag which ties with a red ribbon, down to the handmade label, and i swear i have never seen a prettier invoice. Mellow world is one full of details!

martes, octubre 11, 2005

Dearest Birthday...

bow-tee by Dear birthday Posted by Picasa
Look here! This is my new favorite t-shirt: it´s made out of the loveliest green fabric, with puff-sleeves and a gathered hem. And it has the cutest bow that makes you look like a charming present! And, it fits perfectly, because it was made to measure: just for me by the lovely Valerie over at Dear Birthday, where she sells similar pieces with that same nostalgic, playful style. Happy,happy birthday!

Marta Poeiras

swap with Marta Mendes Posted by Picasa
I got all this pretty stuff from my swap with the talentosa Marta Mendes of Poeiras, Trapos e Farrapos The yellow birdie is just too cute and i adorei the embroidered heart (hearts are a favorite shape!) which has the loveliest fabric on the back. I tried to take nice pics, but she took better ones of the stuff i sent her in return, which you can see here. Thanks for everything, Marta! Very, very, very obrigada!

lunes, octubre 10, 2005

Critters from an order waiting in line to be vamped up Posted by Picasa

viernes, octubre 07, 2005

I don´t think i have ever posted about Hilda Portela, Ana Ventura e Rosa Pomar´s (a.k.a.meninas talentosas as miss chuculeta calls them) new loja -shop. Of course, you all must know about this by now, it´s only that i would so much love to go there, it is such a beautiful place: someday i want to have my own loja just like this one from this portuguese ladies: have a look at it here

miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

For all of you felt lovers around the world, have a look at this cute sites (via Candlemomo,via buggabu):

Also check out kraft-o-la´s yellow kitty!


Posted by Picasa This is the poster for Artesanfroilan, a local event that takes place at the same time that the fiestas; it is a craft fair selling stuff from local artists and crafters. This year, for the very first time, chicadecanela has its own space there. Come and see, ladies&gentlemen!
I have been virtual window- shopping at So much cool(expensive)stuff! I have updated my The Things I Want wish list with a few must haves: after all, Christmas is round the corner! (>0<)

sábado, octubre 01, 2005

Illustration Friday:Float

Boo! Posted by Picasa