viernes, junio 24, 2005

I won´t be updating my blog in some time: i´ve just moved house! I have to wait until i have my internet installed, which will take a couple of weeks. But i´ll be watching! See you! (^*^)

jueves, junio 16, 2005

Pixelgirl + Cinnamongirl = Cuteness 4 every girl!

Photo courtesy of Posted by Hello
Hey, look here! This mellow yellow cutie bunny from yours truly is for sale up at
You can choose from either the yellow bunny or the orange cool cat. Those 2 where made exclusively for gorgeous on-line store Pixelgirl as a cheap&chic version of the original bunny and kitty in cupcakes.

For more chicadecanela stuff visit and see the pretty pink bear

miércoles, junio 15, 2005

Happy b-day, mama!

My mum is such a crafty chick. She can knit or crochet almost anything without apparent effort. She does help me a lot with my designs and she has great style. She has a thing against designer clothing being expensive just for the nametag that´s sew on and, whenever she sees something that´s knitted or crocheted that i´m drooling over she files it in her brain and, some time afterwards, she presents me with a spot on rip-off that´s sometimes even better than the original version: she´s made the big houses lost bagfuls of money, i swear! She´s a danger!

Look what she made me just the other day: A Marc by Marc Jacobs look alike shrug that is über-cool and costs 300$ or so in its original version and a cute cactus brooch that she saw on a MiuMiu green poloneck, like the one that i own but priced three times more. I´m a lucky one!

After we saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs shrug in a shop at a scandalous 300$ my mum said, granny style: " Nonsense, this is so easy to make; i´ll knit you one presently" Posted by Hello

It´s not MiuMiu, it´s my old green poloneck revamped with a crocheted cactus! Posted by Hello

Zoom in. Posted by Hello

So, being her birthday, surely she deserved something gorgeous, exquisite, marvellous... Posted by Hello but i could only come up with this. Guess what? She loved it! Of course, like she loved my every drawing that i gave her as a present when i was little. Mums are like that, aren´t they?

sábado, junio 11, 2005

My first printed book

It seems such an insignificant issue, but for someone who cherishes books as reading material as well as precious objects, this is such a treat: to have this beautiful, brand new book, with a hard, shiny cover, printed with my drawings in it. It´s fresh from the printers. It´s lovely.

Cover of the book, have a closer look here. Posted by Hello

...and this is a glimpse of the inside with red&white drawing that you can see here. Posted by Hello

Illustration Friday: SUMMER!

Pure joy! Posted by Hello
What a beautiful topic...! Thank u, miss Susie!

Here some brooches that i´m sending over with very special orders... Posted by Hello

I made this for a friend´s little girl. It seems her favorite color is pink...and so is mine! Posted by Hello( Sorry for the crappy picture )

I´ve been doing my research and i found this place where they sell more Patch NYC stuff; still, i think my ballerina is prettier, but the flapper girl is a close runner-up!

On my side bar, i swear that V Act of "Just like South Park" series did exist, but it has been misteriously deleted!

I´m famous as purveyor of the finest buttons for all your crafty needs: see!

martes, junio 07, 2005

First Fred Flare shopping spree

Spread over tee by Troublemakers screen-printed with impossibly gorgeous Keren Richter illo... Posted by Hello

This ballerina from Patch NYC is even more beautiful than in the pic they had at FredFlare: i swear it´s alive! Posted by Hello I wish i could see more Patch NYC stuff, but their website is so elusive...

I adore this journal by Jill Bliss: colors, textures,...everything is exquisite!
Present & Correct guys not only make it affordable but stylish in pretty packaging Posted by Hello Do you know what "present and correct" actually means and where it comes from? Well, maybe you know but i didn´t: found it here

Screen-printed and stitched pouch by Bittersweet Genevieve See how the care instructions come written in a piece of paper just so. Posted by Hello

...and this is the cutest: I got a free pair of cool earrings coupled with a handwritten note by handsome Keith himself! I´m totally won over...I love FredFlare! (^-^) * * * Posted by Hello

viernes, junio 03, 2005

I have a new friend: momo. She´s added chicadecanela to her inspiring blogs sidebar; how cool is that!
I think we have quite similar tastes: we´ve even posted the same pics sometime, haven´t we? Visit her at: and awe at her delicate jewelry creations at:

Through her site i found another chika, her of Chikagraphy , and fell in love with her lovely felt animals: i mean, look at them and tell me you don´t love them too! It seems she´s planning an on-line store soon; i can foretell it´ll be a sweet success!!!

And then, via TSO, i found Saelee Oh, who makes the most amazing + cute paper cutouts. And also has an upcoming on-line shop which also looks like it´s gonna be super lovely!


jueves, junio 02, 2005

Have a look at the new Seamripper site + shop: It´ so sweet! Love it! * * * * *