miércoles, noviembre 30, 2005

Hello! I haven´t posted much lately. But i have sailed the www everyday, that i have! You always think that you have already found every cute blog possible, but there is always something more, you´ll see:

Posy gets cozy is the blog from the charming lady behind Posie boutique.

Nebo Peklo blog is bursting with inspiring links!

Port2port is a two girls project and i love their custom letterpress correspondence.

Oh Joy! always has inspiring collages of images, put together in an Oh so stylish way!

I have been getting some pretty things in the mail lately. As soon as i get my camera back(don´t ask), i will post a pic of a pretty little something that i bought at Natascha Rosenberg shoppe and how lovingly it came wrapped up.
I also bought something from here and it arrived today and i´m so excited.Pics coming!


Have you seen all the lovely new stuff by Sewing Stars? I should be buying some, like this holiday tags.

Christmas shopping is coming and in such a way! (^_=)

domingo, noviembre 20, 2005

A Month of Softies

I submitted one of my "Ceciles" to this November´s Month of Softies.
The theme was
"This guy´s an accessory"
so i guess this was just right.

Have you seen al the wonderful creations over there?
Here are some of my favorites (i think best capture the theme):

Miss Pompon,
Cecile Bonbon,
...and Miss Pompon again.

miércoles, noviembre 09, 2005

chicadecanela in Vogue.

Posted by Picasa from left to right: hand-crocheted house coin purse, silk bunny charm and felt bird brooch.

Yes! chicadecanela has been featured in this month´s edition of Spanish Vogue Children. How cool! We appear in two pages, beautifully shoot, as if.

The bunny charm most of you already know about; a version in felt can be bought here. And the original silk version can be seen at my site, here (send me an e-mail to purchase).
The house coin-purse and the little bird are part of my newest collection, here you can see them in detail:

Posted by Picasa Here is a close-up of the hand-crocheted house, which has a door that can be opened and closed. You can see it has gingham curtains on the windows: that´s the purse´s lining!

Posted by Picasa ...and here is a lovely pic of the bird, only in green.

jueves, noviembre 03, 2005

Plush Rush - handmade plushies from around the world!

chicadecanela contribution to Plush Rush. Posted by Picasa

chicadecanela is going to take part in the Plush Rush exhibition, which will be held in Columbus, OH, and will feature artists from all over the world, like My Paper Crane, Kate Sutton, Forestprints, Natascha S. Rosenberg...creations will be up for sale on the Plush Rush on-line shop, starting December: i barely can wait to see all the wonderful creations that will be featured!
chicadecanela is sending three plush charms of the Tea Party Critters´Club series, made in silk fabric, with ribbons and beads + their own crocheted accessory. You can have a look at them at chicadecanela´s website:
www.chicadecanela.com (if you see something you like i´ll be selling to private costumers-as oposed to shops- for the first time, until the end of Christmas, so email me to info@chicadecanela.com for enquiries).

------------------------------------------------------* * *------------------------------------------------------------------------
I´d like to wellcome one girl to blogland: Natacha Matic (see previous post) has now a blog, which surely will be one of my favorites. Wellcome Natacha!

martes, noviembre 01, 2005

Creation Natacha Matic!

Goodness from Natacha Matic. Posted by Picasa

This is not the result of yet another shopping spree neither what i got from a swap with somebody. This was given to me just because, out of sheer goodness, by Natacha Matic, a french creator who also happens to be my friend. I love what she does, her ceramic pieces are awesome and cute at the same time. I´m starting a small collection of her pieces :) I know she is going to be great -she is already!- .
She sent me this small vase in cute soft yellow that is soo Natacha Matic and that i just adore, and she gave me a whole lot of goodies with the eiffel tower as a theme-très chic-, she mixes porcelaine, cloth, paper...and that stripy envelope is so cute, with the painted flowers! Everything came so beautifully wrapped!

If you have some time, i´d love it if you went have a look at her site http://www.creation-natachamatic.com
and see for yourselves what the fuss is all about.
I guess the Draw a Witch Project over at Penelope´s must be over by now. I don´t know how they will be able to choose just 3 winners amongst all the gorgeous drawings that were submitted, i have a list of around 30 illos that i like! I will not give you the entire list, but this are the top 10 numbers: 17-22-40-67-79-126-124-101-14-95. Go check them out, ´cos they´re great!

(I´m nº24, if you´re interested)