domingo, octubre 07, 2012

ETSY Pop-Up Store is open!!

As I already told you Chicadecanela is now designing shoes in collaboration with Goldenponies. 
We have launched our first collection for AW 2012 and the shoes can be found now in stores worldwide (as far as Japan!).
We have a few extra pairs and so we have decided to open a pop-up store at Etsy to showcase the collection as well as make some sells. We have very little in stock and random numbers, but that is all we have! 

                         ETSY POP-UP STORE

This are some of the pretty styles to be found at Etsy:

Pink leather ankle strap flat pointy shoe with bow

Brown suede leather ankle strap flat pointy shoe with bow
Two-tone leather mary-jane point toe flat shoe

They all ship from Mexico, except for the platform heels which ship from Spain.

Blush pink leather high heel platform shoes with ankle strap and bow

This is a very pretty collection and i´m so proud of it. I´m hoping you like it as much as i do!

Contact me if you have any doubt or question. Thank you!!