martes, noviembre 20, 2012

I started this blog almost eight year ago: February, 17th 2005 is the date of my first post ever.

From then on i have shown you all of Chicadecanela deeds and dos:
new collections, new products, achievements (first trade show, next big thing, la tienda,...) favorite things... some personal stuff... beautiful shops...
I have met the most awesome people through the blog, from all around the world: we made swaps, we did bussiness together... we traveled worldwide
Excuse me for getting so nostalgic... but...
i think it´s about time to move on!

I put and end to this blog today.

( v . v )

However... don´t panic!

As it usuallly is... this is just a new beginning:

i´m starting a completely new blog, much better looking and cute,

please make the change with me:

see you there?

domingo, noviembre 18, 2012

Save the date!

Tuesday, November 20th

After many a year of low key web presence, our new completely new 2.0 on-line shoppe hopefully debuts in a couple of days! We leave behind months of hard work and we look forward to all the pretty things. 

We mean for our webstore to stay alive, fun, creative and new.

We promise never to neglect it again.

We thank you for all the kind patience and understanding that you have had all through this past period.

We´re back on-line!

Tuesday, November 20th

*And... I have news concerning this blog. I´m going to start a new blog over at,
i will leave here a permanent link once it´s ready.
We will be publishing in spanish as well as english!
As for the webstore, it is completely en español but we will be adding descriptions in english! 
And we are launching a webstore in France this week too! 
I will keep you posted, as usual.

Yours, truly,


sábado, noviembre 10, 2012


Just a few things slowly but steadily arriving...

(^ . <)!