miércoles, junio 20, 2007

And have you heard of Julia Carlota Herreras? She´s a make-believe girl created by talented Anabel for her webshop Jugando con Hilos. The girl is a self-confessed shop-addict and we get to follow her adventures at her blog, here.

I love this collage that Julia Carlota Herreras made from her purchases at Jugandoconhilos.com.Sweet!

This is the new necklace available at Jugando con Hilos!
A sweet and small crocheted cupcake
complete with pearl chain and ribbon. A steal at 14€!

To be found here.

Go find it among the beautiful things Anabel sells at her whimsical shop! YYY

this week chicadecanela appears:


Thank you!

I asked Beatriz permission to show her in chicadecanela´s La Jolie Blouse because i thought she looked so charming in it! Somehow i started to see lots of pictures of her looking so sweet with chicadecanela´s pieces and i made this collage. Dedicado a Beatriz!

If you want to know more about Beatriz, she is the director and extraordinary person behind

De tacones y bolsos

THE blog dedicated to all things crafty in Spain.

From left to right, top to botton: Beatriz in La Jolie Blouse top
and Cécile Marie necklace. A detail of Le Ourson mobile phone charm.
Beatriz with Cécile Original necklace. And with Cécile Cappuccino
and "Name" tote bag.
Almost everything available at chicadecanela.com


And more shop news, we have picked up a new winner for the Cécile Marie that we raffled, since the previous winner didn´t show up! The selected number is:


The lucky owner of this number please stand up and claim your prize!
We will publish this on our web too.
The winner has 1 week to claim her prize or we will keep drawing numbers!

miércoles, junio 13, 2007

Well, the thing about going on holiday is that afterwards you have to take a holiday to rest from the actual holidays and afterwards you have to work triple to get through the accumulating to-do list, so it´s only now, more than a week since i came back, that i have time to update my blog!

First things first: some of you might know we had a small contest in chicadecanela last Sunday, June 10th. A number was chosen among all the numbers gived away anonimously to everyone that made a purchase during our "Wonderful Week", between 19 and 27th May. The number entitles its owner to a 30% off their next purchase plus they had the chance to win this:

Well, the raffle is through and this is the number that came out:


On Monday we published the result on our website and asked the lucky winner to contact us to claim her price. But no one has answered so far! I know there are some parcels that haven´t been delivered yet, so we are going to wait a little bit more, say a week more, until Wednesday 20th next week. If by then the winner doesn´t make her appearance, we will draw another number! So there will be more opportunities for all of you!

Cécile is waiting to be taken home!

* * * * * * *
I leave you with some images from my holidays; yes, that´s me all over!

Guess where i´ve been? :)