sábado, septiembre 27, 2008

I´m back from Japan!
I´ve uploaded some pics over at my Flickr
go have a look!

And thanks for all your comments & encouragement,
it means so much to me!
I promise to keep you updated on how good
chicadecanela is doing in Japan.


Thanks so much again for all your inquiries about the new AW 08 collection.
The collection is starting to arrive in stores worldwide (^-´).
Please watch this space!
I´ll be posting the whole catalog here very soon.


miércoles, septiembre 10, 2008

Cécile & I are going to visit Tokyo next week!

I want to introduce Cécile to japanese people:
hope they like her! (who wouldn´t? she´s so adorable!).

If you´ve been in Tokyo and know any must-see place,
just let me know!


I´m so excited!


sábado, septiembre 06, 2008

Viva México!

We Love Crafts Magazine Nº2
Delicious spanish craft mag.

{You can find a tutorial by yours truly on page 71:
a very simple "petit panier".
Click here to download the pdf. directly