sábado, diciembre 31, 2005

lunes, diciembre 26, 2005


Crocheted by my mum from this image from
a zakka craft book. (Image posted by sweet


CHIBI Flower button. In exchange for one of my zakka books.

Ain´t it pretty? Go check her site: www.chibiland.com Cute stuff!

I´ve yet to receive my trade with Craftlog´s Maitreya I sent her one of my strawberry brooches + a crocheted hen brooch. I think she liked
them! Pics coming!

Some links that i´m enjoying:
  1. http://www.beciorpin.com The girl behind Princess Tina. I love her site!(and her art)
  2. http:// www.herbandginger.com I´m not a tea-drinker, but this is so cute!
  3. http://papastour.com An inspiring web shop full of best quality handcrafted stuff.
  4. http://weareaugustine.com Simply, beautiful clothing

sábado, diciembre 24, 2005


jueves, diciembre 15, 2005

Ilustration Friday: Surprise!

Maybe not a very good surprise but, all the same....Merry Christmas!

sábado, diciembre 10, 2005

This is a showroom for young designers taking
place in Madrid just in time for X-mas shopping!
There will be a chicadecanela´s corner: i won´t
be there, but my stuff will. Come if you can!

jueves, diciembre 08, 2005

Plush Rush shoppe is now open! There are some lovely plushies there. You can find chicadecanela´s contribution here.

Spreading "Love Bird" love, here and here.

All the zakka books are sold ot traded with some lovely ladies.Thanks!

News to portuguese ladies living in Lisboa! Now you can find chicadecanela in this lovely shop:


martes, diciembre 06, 2005

To the right, some cool stuff that i bought from Natascha´s shop.

Well, i only bought the bunny ornament, the one that comes

deliciously wrapped as candy. And she sent me ALL the rest too.

Can you imagine? Everything Natascha does is so beautiful! Even

the post stamp! I will show you how the ornament looks hung from

my Christmas Tree! Thanks Natascha!

sábado, diciembre 03, 2005

Zakka books anyone?

So, what happened, some loved one bought me some zakka books and i already have some of them! Lucky girl! But, really, i don´t need to have 2 copies of the same book, as cute as it might be. So here is the deal: i am offering the brand new ones up for sale or, even better, i will trade them for other zakka books(not need to be new of course) or handmade things. You can find the whole set here at flickr:

Zakka books for trade or sale.

Have a look! I will love to trade with you and this are beautiful books either to buy them or swap for them!

If you are interested leave a comment, here or over at flickr, or email me at info[at]chicadecanela[dot]com.