miércoles, julio 27, 2005


Wow, i have been away for too long! There are so many things going on in Blogland:

Candlelight has been updating her blog with gorgeous links galore, like this cute japanese shop: Lorina; and our sweet Momo herself is planning a big opening of her redesigned webshop sometime soon...Meanwhile, have a look at her cute stuff here.

There´s also Crafthings.com, the brainchild of talented Little Odd Forest (the girl does know how to put together a proper website,right?): it is a craft supplies craft friendly on-line store. It is still not all ready but it looks like something one might take seriously: love the wooden handles, like these.

And i absolutely love this new Craftlog site: CRAFTING JAPANESE . Go, have a look! I have just ordered my first Zakka books from Yesasia: i can´t wait to have a closer look at them! I will tell you when they arrive.

I don´t know if i have ever mentioned the Tie one on project by Angry Chicken of King Pod fame. It is a site devoted to aprons ! Every month there´s a new theme and you can see really outstanding aprons by talented girls all around. This month theme is Pink Lemonade...oh, how i wish i had any time to participate!...
...as i wished i had time to take part in every Month of Softies: May Flowers´gallery is up and it´s one of the most beautiful: see here.

What else? Yes, i got my Summer Sampler, packed with nice crafty things, including dog bone toy by Paws for Effect that Perlita is happily munching at this very moment!

This was just a brief interruption: i´m off to participate in the shooting of that short film i told you about. We´ll be going away this Sunday and won´t be coming back until August 12.
I´m sorry to not be updating this blog regularly: there´s also chicadecanela new collection, which i´m working on at this moment, and there´s the website...i am seriously busy.

Thanks for reading!