domingo, mayo 28, 2006

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Wellcome to the new Fridays, Sundays! ( No, seriously,i´m too bad, i know).

This weeks´s topic:

Girls on porcelain

I adore porcelain jewellery. Maybe it´s because it´s something that i can´t do, don´t know how to do and don´t have inclination to learn to do it. But i do have a tendency to buy beautiful porcelain pieces that you can wear around your neck or on your lapel. There´s something very appealing to me in a piece of gorgeous white porcelain, decorated as it suited the author: it always looks so modern and fresh, yet feminine.

I´d love to share with you:

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Natacha Matic, a french girl, is not only a fantastic artist, but also a friend. She was the first one i ever bought something from on the internet, because when i saw those cute brooches i knew they had to be mine. She was super-friendly and filled me with goddies and, since them, i have been collecting a lot of her pieces, either by way of buying them, swaping with her or just because she gave them to me as gifts. She makes beautiful pieces in porcelain: my favorite are the brooches,each one it´s just delightful, but she also makes rings, pendants, buttons, small pieces like bowls or vases and , since she is a true artist, also awesome sculpture (see this) and painting in which she incorporates ceramic pieces ( like this, j´adore!). She is also an illustrator and she works for magazines, in children´s books, and she is a mum of two, so a multitalented!


Her website,

Her blog,

Her etsy shop

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Anne Black is an extraordinary artist from Denmark. Her pieces are very smooth, each one made by hand but with a very polished finish. My favorites: the earrings, candlecups and lampshades, but, above all, this extraordinary x-mas ornaments (via Karkovski)

Visit her website:

Places to shop:



Tivoli Home



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Casalinga is, again, a Denmark brand, composed by two girls. Their style is very pretty-pretty, whimsical and feminine. Favorites? All the brooches in pastel colors.

Visit their website:

Where to buy:

Tivoli Home, again

lunes, mayo 22, 2006

I couldn´t help myself. As soon as i saw the beautiful Flora Journal at Nebo Peklo, i knew i had to own it. I had lately been coveting a piece of work by this talented U.K artist, Natalie Tweedy.
Being the paper lover that i am this completely handmade journal was the thing for me!
And i got some really "frameable" prints of her work just because! And a cute note too!
And it came super-fast, so completely recommendable :)
Find it at Nebo Peklo´s shop.

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Of course you all already know, but Fred Flare´s Next Big Thing winners are up! The first batch of them, because there were 36 winners! Will there be any spanish crafty girl (or boy) among them? There are some from our crafty community, like (of course!) Sarah from The Small Object, Karissa Kove (one of the first crafty girls i found, back when her site was called "Crackers+honey"), Hana from She Loves Stars (who has this lovely layout for her website) and Cornyness´Danwel.
Yay for blog power!

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Sugarloop we want you back!

viernes, mayo 19, 2006

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(it´s still Friday,right?)


Princess Tina is a fabulous cute product line developed by australian artist/designer Beci Orpin.
I much admire the originality of the design and the carefully put together collections she launches, with perfectly polished objects that become an instant must-have. Princess Tina´s collections are very strong on graphics: the tooth, the raincloud...this icons have been copied a thousand times.
I have so many favorites from her collections! ( a selection above) If i had to buy just one ( and, knowing me, i will), it will be the Raincloud necklace or the Tooth Charm Brooch or the Swallow Brooch or...i´d go crazy if i had to chose just one!

· Princess Tina Official Site (coming soon)

· Beci Orpin website

Interviews with Miss Beci Orpin:

· Fred Flare
· Australian INfront · Etnies Plus (she made a collection for them!)

Places to buy Princess Tina (and great shops by themselves too!):

· Giant Robot Store · The One40Five Store · Chocosho
· Flatspot
· Keith+Lottie · Busy-Being · Magic Shop

jueves, mayo 18, 2006

Well, thanks for all the nice comments. Some of you even said i was pretty (blush!). I´m not! It´s just the light in the room. So much can be achieved with beautiful lighting!(^.^)Y

I wanted to announce a new feature for this blog. I always envy blogs that post about beautiful things they find in the www with pics and all. My blog is not a links blog, although i do give links ramdonly, but usually without pictures. Well, i want to post about beautiful things too! So wellcome:

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(oh , The Cure, so cute and so obscure)

Once a week-on Friday, hopefully- i will write a nice review about one designer i admire or a shop i like or about a trend, a bunch of crafters or whatever tickles my fancy. All complete with links and nice pics and the lot. The whole purpose really is to force me to be more regular posting here, i owe that much to you for taking the time to visit here! So wish me good luck and i hope you like tomorrow´s feature

miércoles, mayo 17, 2006

chicadecanela talks!

Yes, just like a silent movie star, yours truly has had to prove she too can talk!

I was recently interviewed for our regional television-TVG-. The video is now uploaded at chicadecanela´s website for everyone to see. I´m talking in gallego, the language we speak, together with spanish, in this northwest corner of Spain. But, even if you don´t understand what i´m saying, you still can have a sneek peek at me and at my work and small workshop. I must confess this whole thing embarrasses me a little *^.^*! but i think it´s ´bout time we know each other a lil´bit more! So go to and click "Ver Video" on the left hand news column.And turn the volume up!


Also, thanks to Fieltromania for featuring Cècile in her blog, together with a bunch of other felt-made cute stuff, see here!

lunes, mayo 15, 2006

Hello and excuse the delay.

In fact, i´ve been around for a few days, but i was so busy replying to e-mails that i´ve barely had time to do anything else. Thanks for all the nice comments and mails, i promise you i really had a jolly good time and, no, it was not South Africa, as most of you said, it was Costa Rica, the place i went to.

Well, i´m glad to be back!

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