jueves, marzo 23, 2006

One of my Ceciles has found a friend who will take care of her. Thank U (^-^)!

Found through Baballa´s blog : knitting meet up in La Coruna; a little Stich&Bitch this side of the Atlantic. The organizer,Tilly McIntosh, even sells cute knitting kits, here.
This is a great project!

A great obsession: Jonathan Adler. I subscribe his Manifesto word by word. You can find cute tabletop items here (via Creature Comforts) and ingenious stationary here.
Shiny happy people!

And in a similar line of polished, modern and, at the same time, romantic mood: Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen products, this are so adorable! love both egg-like shades: robbin blue and cream.


martes, marzo 21, 2006


I have been wanting to order the address file from lovelydesign, like, forever! And i finally did! Let me tell you: it´s the best packaging and the loveliest products i´ve seen. Beautiful, beautiful stuff: i can not stop staring at it. So well made, so nice colours, so many details... the file is so handy, just the right size, full of gorgeous paper, you could spend the hours looking at it! I also ordered some extra cards and the jouney book in frosting colour, which is, shall i say the word again?, yes, lovely, made with great paper, all different, and envelopes, some of them with surprises, such a good idea! and Sharilyn threw in some lovely handmade tags that are a treasure to own.
Positively L-O-V-E-L-Y

lunes, marzo 13, 2006

Fun Swap with Maitreya of Craftlog´s worldwide fame, and Crafting Japanese, and Marthadex,... she´s involved in many cool projects actually! The original swap was going to be for a Zakka book but we both decided to exchange some more goodies. She sent me a lot of stuff: embroidery book, sewing notions, cute fabric... but, most of all, the gorgeous handmade amigurini you can see on the picture. I couldn´t believe it when i saw it! She was far too generous: i know what an amount of time is devoted to this things.
The boy is now nicely displayed inside this cabinet that i have at home which is kind of a
shrine to all the handmade goodness that i´ve been collecting...i think i should take some pics of the cabinet to show you, right?
Anyway, thanks Maitreya for this lovely swap! ^.^

Besides Maitreya, there are so many artists-crafters out there that i admire. I like people who have their own original style, girls that do their own thing, regardless of whatever the fashions of the moment are. People who often work with their own hands but, most of all, with their imagination... it is almost unbeliable the amount of talent there is just all over the internet... everyday i get mesmerized by some recently discovered new talent. Just one thing i´d like to say: please, don´t steal what others do; i´ve seen so many objects lovingly made by crafters being ripped-off by other crafters! Not by a big corporation. It´s ourselves we are doing the damage to. How can one have the nerve to copy an artist she/he admires? Well, this happens all the time! Like Susie would say: it´s not a compliment!

And i leave you with some random extraordinary talents i am in awe about right now:

**Grainne Morton

**Pancake Meow


**Kate Sutton

They couldn´t be more different (or could they?), but each one is great in that they are unlike any other. Do you agree?

viernes, marzo 10, 2006

My last few posts have been a little self-centered. Sorry about that! (>,<) There´s more than chicadecanela in my world. There are a lot of things going around in the internet that i so much have wanted to post about. O.K. Here i go!:

First, there´s Angry Chicken´s Mailorder project
How could i have missed on this one is something i will never forgive myself. Such a cool idea! There´s a flickr group here, where people are posting their finished projects. There´s no way i´m missing on this one next time!

Have you heard about Whip Up?. Sure you have! All the bright girls are collaborating there: Camilla
, Claire, Maitreya... Have you heard the interview with Maitreya over at Crafty Pod? I loved hearing Maitreya´s voice and hearing her talk about this craft-blog world and about zakka books... so fun! By the way, just before i left for my internet-break i made a swap with her, i must make a separate post to talk about this: i´m sorry to have been so late! So rude of me!

I have mentioned her before: Superbrujis, she makes beautiful porcelain beads and she owns a small stylish boutique.

The coolest girl: Ariel from Beautiful Shoes.
She is the designer for the Otto et Moi line of super cute shoes ! I´ve already picked my favorites, like this, or this, or this...and what about this booties. I like them all! (>·<) !

And, hey! Why not? Some random links of designers i ´m liking: Hikaru Noguchi, Jo Gordon, Wickle, Mod Green Pod

Also, i´m making a few changes on my side bar: fron now on i will have two sepate lists for blogs: Friend´s blogs which will be permanent, (unless we fall out, God forbid!), and Inspiring blogs which will rotate ramdonly, featuring whatever blogs i´m into at the moment. That you are a friend doesn´t mean your blog is not inspiring and viceversa, if you see what i mean. :\

lunes, marzo 06, 2006


Probably all of you know about this already: the guys at Fred Flare are looking for new talents this year! chicadecanela was one of 2005´s winners with this cute pink bag charm. I invite you to participate this year, because it´s a great opportunity for any small independent bussiness to be featured in their shop: i felt so excited about it!