lunes, julio 28, 2008

You´ve seen it in ELLE.
Now you can purchase it here at a fraction of its retail price.
Only a few left, in rose or butter yellow.
Le Cupcake !!!

* * *

miércoles, julio 16, 2008

I almost missed it! Today is the last day to vote for yout favorite The Next Big Thing over at Fred Flare! And you must know we have spanish talent (chicadecanela was a winner in 2005!) among this year´s winners: Sirena con Jersey, Alicia´s from Duduá new (and very lovely) project.

This are my personal favorites:

Pixel Heart Pin by Dee and Ricky
Mr. Moustache Tote by Sirena con Jersey
Nooworks amazing sunglasses
Lovely day mini tray by Little Odd Forest
Paper nesting doll kit by Fantastic Toys
Cuckoo Clock by Decoylab
Handblown Cupcake stand by Amanda Goss. Fave!

But they´re all amazing! Meet all the winners + vote for your favorite here.

And don´t forget to check out all the cute stuff this guys sell at their shoppe. My wishlist´s several pages long! :)

Update: and the winner is I´m Your Present! Congrats to her! :)