sábado, abril 29, 2006

I´m going on holiday! Yay!

Next week i won´t be here: i´m going on vacation-my first in, like, 4 years, so don´t complain-. I won´t tell you where, i will only say that it is a peaceful place with palm trees + golden sand + warm sea, located in a country known for its protection to nature politics and very pacific in that they don´t even have an army! and, their President is a Nobel Prize!
So its a lovely place i guess, if you don´t count giant mosquitos and big spiders, of course! Wish me luck on that!

By special request of Anabel over at Fieltromania, i´m going to show you now some of PERLITA.

Better even than a pic, a short film! Watch out, ´cause the girl´s moving fast: you will see first a big, brown sharpei dog, named Apu, and then, if your eyes are quick enough...yes! it´s her! This will give you a slight idea about what it can be to have her at home all day!
So follow this link here...

domingo, abril 23, 2006

The Small Object Eye Candy Festival (Part II)

There was a part one of the TSO Eye Candy Festival, here, when i was lucky enough to make a swap with her! Since then, i have been a devoted follower of her doings and i have patiently waited for the right moment to order some more of her stuff. So, The Small Object goodness:

What i ordered: Little Small Clothespin People Yellow Bunny Peep-it was hard deciding between pink and yellow!-,
Give It Up Gift Tag Set, Rubber Stamp Champ Set #2 and Crafty Recipe Idea Cards. And, of course, i got some free stuff,like a screen-printed cloth of Sarah´s hand with smily fingers! Everything so cute + well packaged + neat + genious!

Say hello, my new pal of the cute ears!:

domingo, abril 16, 2006

Hello. There´s really not much going on around here. I do have some new things in store for the near future, but i can not disclose anything just yet.
I got my Mailorder from AngryChicken: ´twas a pleasure to receive that luxurious red envelope which, by the way, came almost in mint condition. I might try my hand with the bonnet pattern, but i don´t think i´m brave enough to wear it myself in the street, a la Sarah from TSO. Speaking of her, i´ve just ordered some stuff from her site which i´m eagerly waiting for! She´s this small genious!
Thinking about spending my money, which is something i do frecuently, Decole comes to mind.There are two places that i know of which sell Decole stuff in the States and they will ship internationally:

http://www.pancakemeow.com (coming soon)

Surely i must buy myself some Decole sometime, uh?


viernes, abril 07, 2006

OH MY * * *

More chicadecanela press appearances! Just above this lines a colourful display appeared some weeks ago in La Voz de Galicia, a spanish newspaper. It features a lot of my stuff,plus a review of the brand, you can click it to read it -sorry, in spanish!-. A whole sheet just for chicadecanela ! I owe this only to the kindness of Ariel Once again and from here: ¡ Gracias !

On top, you can see both Cècile and the little crocheted House, among a beautiful display of cute stuff. This spread belongs to Nuova Passerella magazine. A brand new mag made by young people and featuring young spanish design mostly: i saw some favorites there, like Monica Garcia, Ailanto
or Raquel Moreno, along with others not already so known as Bysus, Laura Frias, Mamita Linda, Sara Culpable!, or your very own chicadecanela :)
The magazine is distributed only in the Murcia area, so, if you are from Murcia and have bought the magazine (which i recomend) and you are wondering how you can get your very own Cècile or anything else by chicadecanela, just go to my website, where you will find two shops in your city where you can actually buy the stuff!


And some random links for the weekend:

1.MAHAR Drygoods is this sweet on-line store selling stuff that´s theoretically for children but that we´ll all adore!
The logo and bussiness imagery was designed by Jen Corace. Awesome!
2.CROWDED TEETH, oh how much i´m liking her knew patches designs! But my all-time favorite is the Teru-teru. creature
3.FRENCH GENERAL,beads,notions...oh my!
4.COX&COX, found this via Oh Joy! (like most of the cool stuff, actually), i just can´t get this brown sugar cubes off my mind!
5.LUXE PAPERIE, all the favorites (Elum,Hello Lucky!,Snow&Graham...) in one spot.
6.PRICKIE, (also an Oh Joy! finding), original art badges.I warn you: it´s adictive! The shop is so smart and cleverly designed. There are some beautiful badges in there.

Well, that should be enough!


domingo, abril 02, 2006

A rainbow of Love Hairgrips for an order!

Mailing list: if you want you can join chicadecanela´s friends´ list
and be in the know about all the new stuff, updates, the shop...
Join here ( botton right, just over the little doily)

This looks so cute, doesn´t it? Pink is my favorite color YYY

Girls, artists, working with textiles:

Lena Corwin, and she has a beautiful blog to browse too.

Clare Nicolson , lovely textil design.

Lisa Stickley

Keep&Share, gorgeous knitwear

Also, i have added more friends to my friends´ blogs list (always a joy to do!) and i´m changing my inspiring blogs board a little for the new month. Thanks for all the support and inspiration! :)