martes, octubre 16, 2007

The first ever chicadecanela Outlet is running smoothly. All of chicadecanela´s items in the Outlet are sold out by now (thank you so much!), but there is some other cute stuff left. Click here to see what´s left.

New collection is already in most of the stores selling chicadecanela! Have a look at the complete list of stockists here.

This season we have been asked by shop owners to make this pretty cross-stitched Open/Closed signs. Very zakka feeling!

Things have been very busy here at chicadecanela´s headquarters, but i´m seeing the light at the tunnel´s end :) Thank you so much for inquiring and for your enthusiasm and patience!

News real soon!

domingo, octubre 07, 2007

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lunes, octubre 01, 2007

The new on-line shop owned by our beloved Ariel is stocked with cute things galore! Take a cue just from the picture above: enchanted mushrooms, graceful ballerinas, pretty bunnies, some chicadecanela... And Otto et Moi shoes! (>_<)

Well, believe it or not, there´s even more cuteness where this came from! Go ahead before everything is sold out! Right here. And while there don´t forget to sign up for "Club Matilda", i´ve done already! To get my chance to be the first to know about special promos, new stuff and little surprises!

Wellcome to the neighbourhood, Matilda!