domingo, septiembre 30, 2007 is now open and features new, amazing designers as well as old favorites. There´s still some chicadecanela stuff, to be found here.

A favorite discovery is Malahierba from Barcelona, their beautiful clothes and whimsical screenprintings are just so adorable! (And don´t forget to check out JCH Outlet to hunt down some bargains)

Anabel told me that lots of new stuff is on its way, so stay tunned!

Just in: Eva´s House!
It was about time! Eva´s house new website is as romantic as she is!
She sells handmade hair accessories for little girls but i´m sure they will appeal to more grown up girls too! Check out her blog for news and lovely pics!

martes, septiembre 11, 2007

Hey! Have a look at my We Love Etsy page:

Would you be my friend? (^v^)

martes, septiembre 04, 2007

Look who came in the mail!

"Hadita de Canela" is the name of this charming little fairy, created by talented Macarena Gea. This little fairies are Maca´s most succesful and adorable design, and they are all different! There´s no other one as my "Hadita". Maybe you can find the right one for you?

This are some of my favorites "Hada" brooches from Maca´s Flickr:
Irene, Claudia, Matilda,... they´re all delicious!

But, of course, my favorite one is my own one!
Muchas gracias, Maca!


And i wanted to thank Julie from Belle Vivir for her support of chicadecanela and for giving a shout out to my new Etsy shoppe! Yay!

And also thanks to Myrna for her mention of my Etsy in her blog Todo Artesanias and for her purchase!

Gracias, chicas!