domingo, julio 22, 2007

Lately some really pleasant things have been arriving in the mail. And i LOVE to get snail mail. It´s one of my favorite things!

1. Some time ago i received this from Natacha Matic:

A porcelain brooch with my name on it! Merci beaucoup, Natacha! I love this so much. It´s one of my little treasures!

2. Recently, this cute pair of earrings arrived from Jugando con Hilos:

I have been wearing them all the time! Unfortunately, they are sold out at JCH, although this cute broch is still available. They are the original creation of Lorena from La Primera Hoja, a small but perfectly lovely collection of delicate silver and porcelain pieces. You can learn more about La Primera Hoja at Lorena´s blog.

3. And a recent purchase all the way from Brooklyn, NYC!

This super cute American Retro top, which i purchased from Noisette on-line store. You can see it here. Noisette´s owner, Stephanie, is so helpful that the whole process was as easy as buying from the local shop. Sweet!

domingo, julio 15, 2007

Hola, hola! It´s been ages since i don´t publish in this blog, shame on me!

Some nice ladies asked about a new chicadecanela stockist, well, yes!

This is the beautiful shop in the beautiful town of Aviles in Asturias:

C&C basic
Av. Fernández Balcera, 26
33400 Avilés (Asturias)

And for those of you who don´t have any chicadecanela stockist near, there´s still La Tienda de chicadecanela at

In short, i don´t want to bore you with store news all the time but there are some cute new things that you´ve just got to see, including some amazing and beautiful rings by Natacha Matic.
I think i´ve got a nice pic of the rings... yes! here it is (click to see bigger):

Don´t they look lovely? This are some seriously delicious pieces!
To be found here.

Ooops! Yes! there´s a final sale going on, just for 3 or 4 days. With a lot of stuff nearly half price. I have very little of each style so, if you really like something, don´t blink or you´ll miss it! You can find all that´s on sale here.


MY Top 10 List of sale items that you have to buy:

1. La Jolie Blouse at i own one!
2. Bandolera Chic at
3. DVF "Gavin" Jeans
at soon to be mine!
4. American Retro "Brodi" Blouse at i own one!
5. Valentine Leung´s Stella dress at
6. Danielle Smits owlies at i own one!
7. Anchors Away Top by Nanette Lepore at
8. Pedro Gracia shoes at i own one pair!
9. Debra Rodman dress at shopZoë
10. Pink Cecile Marie at

Nice shopping!

domingo, julio 01, 2007


Today the sales start at
Maybe a good chance to get that adorable tote with a 30% reduction!

+ we have this new gadget at the shop:
you can vote for your favorite (or least favorite) item!

Simply choose between 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Y

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