jueves, julio 30, 2009

Patricia Conde

*Update: for those of you interested in purchasing Patricia´s leather belt,
there´s a little survey posted in my spanish blog, if you wish to take part.

Patricia Conde, or, maybe, her fashion stylist, is one of my fashion icons.

Patricia is the pretty hostess of SLQH, a succesful spanish tv show.
I l
ove each and every outfit she wears on stage, and i think her dumb blonde but witty, cute character matches chicadecanela´s aesthetics perfectly.
( ^ . ^ )

So... imagine how delighted i felt to see her last Wednesday July, 15th wearing one of chicadecanela´s pieces,
the Acrobat leather belt from Circus collection!

Here are some pics of her wearing Acrobat belt in pink:

Doesn´t she look pretty?

It makes me want to wear my own pink -i have one in each color,
they´re so perfect to me- Acrobat belt over and over again!

Such a shame they didn´t have a proper chicadecanela logo for the end credits (--)

If you´d like to see the whole video, click here for SLQH You Tube channel.


Blog El armario de Patricia is where you can see all of Patricia´s outfits.
chicadecanela is here and here.

domingo, julio 05, 2009

For those of you that don´t already know: sales are here! And for those of you who knew and already made a purchase: thanks so much! There´s very little left, just one or two of each item, i hope to have the "sold out" sign hanged up soon enough and close the shop for the holidays!

Therefore, i´m giving you, my faithful blog readers an extra 10%off !!!!

Please visit my spanish blog here to learn more about it
(for people outside of Spain just email me: infoatchicadecaneladotcom).

Help me clear everything out!