lunes, julio 31, 2006

La tienda de chicadecanela

Hello, hello! The day has come! I´m so excited about this. la tienda de chicadecanela is now open for bussiness.
It is a very, very small boutique, indeed. Just a few of my favorite things... Hope you like it!

Please do come in and browse around... we have the loveliest Cèciles*, made with extra-love, yummy strawberries...

... and a new exciting product that i´m proud to present:

La Boutique á Papillons, a collaborative project between chicadecanela and Natacha Matic.

I am so completely, utterly, happy about this joint project with the lovely Natacha. You know of my love of ceramics and, particularly, my love of Natacha´s ceramic pieces. So when she came out with the idea of a butterfly set it was all decided upon. Porcelain butterfly + fabric butterfly + crocheted flower all presented in a cute drawstring pouch i know you´ll apreciate. And there are some other Natacha Matic items in the shop too!

Mis amigos
, if you have followed me down here surely you deserve something else... And there is this i want to give to you, and only you. People who read my blog, who write comments and who make my life all the cuter. ¡Tachan!

" B L O G L O V E"

"Blog Love" is a cute pack of chicadecanelaish goodness that i will be sending to all my blog readers who make purchases on the shoppe.

What´s inside? Tons of love! :)... but if you ask me to be more specific, i will: signature pencil + signature tiny rubber + sticky-note pad with the bird design + cut x paste sticker set of birdie life

How to get it? This set is exclusively, only for blog readers, i will not and want not give it to anyone else. So, during checkout, you must enter the code BLOGLOVE in the blank provided. And, voilá! The chicadecanela Blog Love set is yours.

Fine print. There´s a small drawback: i have only a limited number of this sets, i hope there will be enough for all the people interested, but surely, not enough for everyone. I will announce it here when the set is sold out, so you don´t feel forced to buy anything just to get it!

But you should never worry, because when you buy chicadecanela there will always be little surprises + goodies + gifts with your order. Promise!

Thanks for your support!

xoxo lovelove


Update: wow, since you´ve been asking, yes, we wellcome international orders. Prices are in euros; if you need to convert to your own currency you can go here You must email us first at info[at]chicadecanela[dot] with your choice of items and we will give you a total+shipping. Payment will be processed through Paypal. And you can ask as many questions about the items as you wish!
(sorry for using my blog for such in-your-face self-publicity, you know it´s not always like this!)

miércoles, julio 26, 2006


Of course some of you might already know about this: chicadecanela appears again in Glamour magazine.
I must thank Glamour team for their support, you rock!
You can see me + some of my products on pages 228-229 talking about what it is to have a blog, this blog.

Also, on page 131 you can see the crocheted Carpa-fish coin purse.

I know i´m lucky (·_·)*

lunes, julio 24, 2006

Hello! I guess you were wondering: "Where the h... has this girl gone?" (or maybe you didn´t care at all!) . Anyway, here i am! "(^.^)"
I´m sorry for having you all so long without news. Sometimes i forget about the responsability of maintaining a blog. You must take care of it, as you would with a puppy or it will perish. But i have an alibi!

I have been attending the coolest workshop in one of my favorite places in Lugo and the whole world!: The "Centro de Artesania y Diseño" CENTRAD. This official center for Arts&Crafts is unique in all of this part of Spain, and it´s located in my city!. Their work is to promote Crafts in a way that can be also comercially viable. And they maintain a high level of workshops and lectures all year round. They are also promoting this very cool project, Avantcraft, which aims to find an atlantic identity in crafts, and which joins forces with similar centers in Ireland, France and Portugal. You can view info in english here. Oh!, And they also commercialize chicadecanela products. So, the cream :D

And why do you tell us all this? Because this past week i was engaged in this extraordinary lampwork workshop, conducted by talented Susana Aparicio. We learned how to professionally make glass beads and also a little bit of jewellery making. I enjoyed the lampwork to pieces, and i might be thinking about getting myself a little lampwork studio. As for the jewellery making part, it was toughter, really hard work to mold the metals and so many machines and tools to use that it was a bit overwhelming, from here my respect to all professional jewellers: yours is an impressive job! I´m all for buying the components ready made and play around with them. Cheat!

But the lampwork really stuck with me. Here are some images from the workshop:

Note: this is a collage made with the work of all the classroom, not just my work.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Also, i think we have missed, like, two "Friday i´m in love", so, even though today is not Friday, here it goes:

Y Everyday i´m in Love Y Y

Today: Cute Lampwork

Yes, let´s continue with my new found obsession with handmade glass beads. I have been doing my research. I already new from flickr a japanese girl who makes beautiful beads, Courts for Snails. Through her site i found all the other amazing artist who, in pure zakka style, make cute beads for you (as if...) to use in your designs.

Amazing, right? Here are the links to the cute zakka lampwork you can see above:

Corti (Courts for Snails website)
Gem Beads
Melting Point

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have many other things to tell you, but this is all for today. I will try to find a gap tomorrow.

See U!

martes, julio 11, 2006

This is a version of the Love Necklace, only this is one-of-a-kind: just for my mum!


It´s made with mother-of-pearl, picot ribbon, olive green glass beads, glazed ceramic beads, fabric, findings and... tons of LOVE!

viernes, julio 07, 2006

friday i´m in love

Papa Stour is an on-line boutique offering a selection of goods from scottish crafters. But more than that, Papa Stour is a huge influence for me: one of the most beautiful web shops i´ve ever seen, with a calm and very modern lay out, wonderful pics and a tasteful selection of good, clean, contemporary design.
I´ve just received my first order from Papa Stour; when you order something from this shop you will receive the item directly from the designer, which, for those of us who love to get snail-mail, only makes the experience more delightful. I ordered the Spotty mice by Spiky Pebble in sky blue, and it came wrapped with lovely blue gingham ribbon and kraft brown stamped tags, and i also ordered the Small ceramic bauble in pale mint and the Low porcelain dish in unglazed pink both by Rachel Jayne Rogers (a gorgeous ceramic artist), which came in a sleek package of black signature box and black tissue paper.
Also, the costumer service is super friendly, Rosie, the owner being extremely helpful and kind.
In short, such a recommendable experience that i have even made this little wishlist for more Papa Stour goodness:

- Mini turquoise round brooch by Kaz Robertson
-Charm necklace by Hannah Louise Lamb

-Silver oval cut-out earrings by Hannah Louise Lamb

-Striped scarf with knitted badge in amoroso by INTO
-Dolly birds in mint green by Clare Nicolson
-Blue enamel silver charm bracelet by Jill Paton
-Willow garland by Lise Bech

A special mention for Nebo Peklo & Port2port press set of delicately letterpressed cards.


New changes in my blog roll: new inspiring blogs, Print&Pattern , full of visual inspiration, and Shims&Sons, by a mum who turns every project into a gorgeous lesson in style. And also new friends that are also inspiring artists and crafters: Adriana from Cotton Strudel, Majeak Ann, and Nii -Snoorific Pigeon (Sini Puu). You are all a great source of inspiration and joy for me. And very, very cute, all of you! ^-^

martes, julio 04, 2006


Originally uploaded by chicadecanela.

As participant in Mag Swap, i was lucky enough to be paired with
Adriana from Cotton Strudel herself. She sent me three of my favorite things: a good mag, pink and hello kitty!

Now i must leave you, so eager i am to open my Domino mag and start browsing...¡Gracias, Adriana! Hope you get your parcel soon!

sábado, julio 01, 2006

friday i´m in love

Yeah, what with this and that and i just didn´t have time to write this post yesterday, but here it goes...

I´m in love with...Jennifer Causey photography, whom i heard about from Decor8. Look:

I think it´s amazing, with a vintage feel, and an atention to detail that reminds me of the pictures on a good Zakka book. Besides browsing through her work at her website, her work is available for sale too at her etsy shop, Simply Photo, i love the way she styles the cards she sells, brilliant pics of brilliants pics, if you see what i mean :)