lunes, octubre 06, 2008

`Twas about time!

I know i should have posted this a looooooong time ago... but, honestly, i´m so far behind with everything, my dear patient readers.
You see, so many things have happened this past few months that you will excuse me if i´m feeling a bit overwhelmed: in April Perlita´s puppies were born, and now we are one more in the family, with the lovely adition of Juno girl!
In may i flew to NYC, in june to Thailand and in september to Tokio!
This season we are having (thankfully, of course!) more sales than ever, thanks to our lovely new sales showroom.
All august we have been working like crazy to get these orders ready and we are working on that still, being only two of us most of the time.
And if this was not enough, we have been building (well, not literally!) our new workshop cum showroom. In fact, i´ve just moved into the new space, and there are still SO MANY things to take care of here. I sincerily don´t know where to start.

Well, i don´t really want to complain too much: i´ve had the chance to travel around the world, i have a new little dog to cherish, a beautiful new atelier, and a thriving new collection... i do consider myself a lucky girl, albeit a (very) tired one!

I own emails to so many people; i promise i´m going to start answering everyone this week. But don´t hesitate to drop me a line if you feel neglected: i will very much like to hear from you (^-´)

On-line shoppe has to wait a little still, but i don´t think there´s any reason why you can´t have a look at the new collection, if you wish.

See that small cupcake below?

Could you please click it?

Go ahead... Don´t forget to come back to let me know what you think!!!!!