miércoles, febrero 23, 2005

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viernes, febrero 18, 2005

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This is the main picture of my new 2005 spring/summer catalogue, which I designed myself and my boyfriend took the photographs. I have several "lines" in my collection and these here is the more salient, it is called: "Tea Party Critters Club" and it has its own tag even.

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Begin the begin

Now 2 the first point: My logo. Look at the picture u see above. I have different formats 4 it, depending if it is 4 a small tag, a card or whatever but I keep the basic elements&colors.What do u think of it? I mean I accept and long 4 critics...What I really like is the name -chicadecanela-,I don´t think I´ll change that...besides, I´ll have 2 go and register it as a brand as soon as I can.

jueves, febrero 17, 2005

My,Myself & I

Uff!...Well...I´ve been wanting to have my own blog 4 some time now inspired by some great ones that I frequent now and then...Who am I ? I´m a girl from Spain who works in the fashion business and is trying to set up her own indie enterprise.Now this blog is meant to keep record of my movements in case anyone will be interested and if nobody does read it...well,it doesn´t matter, I guess I could use it as some kind of diary, short of...

I´m selling now my second collection as "chicadecanela"(cinnamongirl, that is); it is a small collection of brooches and "handbag candy" as Tarina Tarantino would say and I had so much fun creating then, but having 2 sell then is hell, I hate that part of the business, because is me who has 2 visit around and bring people 2 buy what they probably don´t need...Anyway, I sell 2 shops directly and I guess they are there to sell stuff, so why not mine?